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AdvoCare Weight Loss

AdvoCare has so much to offer in the line of weight loss. There’s the 24 Day Challenge, the Commit to Fit, the Lean in 13. The 24 Day Challenge has so many different variations so with these, there is truly something to fit everyone’s needs.

When talking with your prospects / customers, remember to ask open ended questions and listen. Ask enough questions to understand what they want / need. Restate so that you make sure you understand. Are they interested in the pounds, the inches. Getting more fit… more toned. Just losing a dress size? Kicking the soda / coffee / energy drink habits… etc.

Know the differences in the three MNS packs. You don’t have to know all the ingredients.. but know that MNS 3 is for everyone… MNS C is to help with appetite control… MNS E is for that extra bit of energy boost… etc.

When describing the benefits, relate back to personal experiences that you have had with the products. If you’ve never tried MNS C, then tell what it did for someone you know… not for you.


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